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We all feel low and suffer problems in our life from time to time. Many of us self-medicate through drugs or self-harm or put ourselves into difficult situations for attention.

But each of us is special and has an inner voice which craves freedom and growth. I believe that by using art therapy and art for meditation you can release this energy and find the real You.

As an artist I’ve used art to soothe and heal myself and this is what I bring to my students now.

Therapy through art is nothing new, many cultures and societies have used this and we also do now. Art and creative subjects are just as important as academic subjects in your overall development.


How Art can really help you

Unleash your inner creativity

We are naturally a creative, inventive species and art is the embodiment of this. By drawing, painting, sculpting or whatever you can forget your problems and allow your inner creativity to emerge and cleanse your mind, body and soul.

Be a calming influence

Studies have shown that painting and drawing can relax and soothe people by allowing them to focus on something new. The meditative effect of leaving your troubles behind for a short while helps to clear your mind and feel calmer in your daily life.

Connect with nature

Art is a fantastic way of really seeing the beauty of the world around you whether that is drawing animals and plants, or getting into nature and using it as your inspiration. Being closer to nature can bring a clarity about your place in the universe at large.

See the world in a new way

Life is not just about work and bills! Becoming an artist means seeing beauty in things that others may miss. There is magic all around us which often goes unnoticed but with your new eyes you will feel wonder and pleasure all around you.

Who can benefit from Art & Drawing?


No matter what your age or history or background you can pick up a brush or a pencil and begin.

The therapeutic effects of art are well known but it is also a great way to relax and have fun with likeminded individuals.


You have suffered from mental health issues

You feel bored or lack energy in daily life

You have doubts about the past, present or future

Join me...

I would love to work with you to show you how drawing can make you feel so much better about yourself and your life.

It is such an easy way of bringing peace and energy into your being that many of us ignore it. But I am confident I can help you be a better person.

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