Once upon a time, there was a happy little girl named Camilla.

She was 8 years old, and I was her teacher when she was starting in 4th grade at school.

Camilla was a smiling, colourful and creative little girl, who loved singing, drawing and moving her body. She could also become very angry and sad, in between all the smiles, and she had a very strong will. That is how I remember her.

Camilla was a lovely girl and a treasure to have in my class of pupils.

Then life went on, and our roads parted for many years. Many things happen in people´s lives in a span of 18 years, and not all of it is good for many of us. This was also the case for Camilla.

As I said, our roads had parted, until one day this summer when Camilla contacted me, or was it the other way around? That really doesn´t matter. What matters is what happened next. 

We chatted a little, and then we came onto the subject fairly quickly about how we were and what we were doing. It became very clear that Camilla didn´t enjoy life very much. She suffered fro anxiety, overweight, depression. She also struggled with sleeping, received various diagnoses from her psychologist, the hospital, and her doctor. Clearly, life had not been good in general. She was stuck in this all-consuming darkness, and told me she had wanted to end it all at one point.

So what did Camilla do next?

She asked me what I was doing as we were chatting along, and I told her about the Drawing It Out program I had created. Being an artist herself all her life, Camilla knew about the power drawing has to create peace of mind and tranquility in everything. I explained the whole programme to her in detail, and it became clear to both of us that this was the solution for her; she wanted to give it a go.

Fast forward six weeks to present:

Camilla is now well on her way into the progress of the programme, as you read this , more precisely on the sixth task, and the changes in her are amazing! 

She told me, and the rest of the Drawing It Out-group  that the anxiety was eliminated, she has been sleeping better, and she had a better understanding of what was going on in her life. She didn´t have nightmares, and she managed to think before making decisions.

This weekend she says that I, through Drawing It Out, had helped her think more positive and lighter about the future, and that the programme has literally saved her life. 

This is what Drawing It Out has done for her, and this IS  what Drawing It Out will do for you too!

So now it is totally up to you what you choose to do with your life, yet I really hope you invest 12 weeks in yourself!

Winter intake for Drawing It Out is open on November 1st, and there are only 4 spaces available!

You can be one of the lucky four to really draw it out!

Let´s have a chat and get to know each other better before starting on your journey back towards yourself!



All Of My Love To You!