Art Therapy For Anxiety

Learn how to bring peace and clarity into your life through the Drawing It Out programme and art.

Drawing It Out

Welcome to Drawing It Out,

My name is Siri Opli and I’m an artist from Norway. Over the years I’ve used my art to inspire, calm, relieve and rejuvenate and now I bring it to you with my Drawing It Out programme.

Humans are creative as a species. I remember creating all my life. Drawing, painting, modelling, shaping things using different tools, and writing.

When I couldn’t work as a teacher anymore, it was because my soul shouted to me that I needed to paint.

I want to bring to you peace and clarity through my step by step programme which will uncover the obstacles and problems in your life, and help you overcome through the art of drawing.

Love Siri xx


A Souldala is a mandala that captures the essence of your soul.

Art speaks directly to your soul and my Souldalas are completely individual.

They make a great gift for a loved one or just a treat for yourself.

When you order your Souldala, I will send you five simple questions that allow my soul to tune into yours.

Usually, I deliver your Souldala within 5 working days.

Are you having trouble with…


Are you struggling with low expectations or feeling down?


Do you find yourself worrying about the past or future? 

Self Doubt

Are you low in confidence and feeling helpless?

Negative beliefs

Is depression holding you back in your life?


Are you feeling stressed and unable to cope?


Are anger-issues affecting your life and relationships?

The Drawing It Out Programme


A guided step by step programme designed to bring peace and calmness to your life through art.

I will work with you every step of the way to bring out issues which are under the surface and confront them through drawing.

This is open to all who wish to use creativity and your inner senses to build an anxiety-free future for yourself.

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Art is a powerful tool in understanding who we are and delving into the subconscious.

Through the use of drawing, painting, and even doodling you can confront things which lie beneath the surface.

Let Siri inspire you for free.

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