“I am an artist, and so are you! I know this to be true. And let me tell you why.”


Drawing it Out with Siri makes you able to stand in your own life as the Big version of You, the one you always were, the optimal you.

Because you were always there, inside you!
And your paradise too!

In this 12-week drawing course I will tell, not so much show you, how you can create and see with fresh eyes and open heart how you can draw yourself back to innate happiness and wellbeing.

Find your way back from sorrow and sadness, anger, stress, overwhelming everyday life, anxiety or stressful thinking. It shows you how to turn the page over and start a new chapter in your life.

The programme consists of three parts:


The three parts consist of one 1-2-1 session each week. The sessions are normally run over Zoom or Facetime but we can also work just via email and telephone if you prefer.

Siri is an amazing person who has inspired me so much I am so grateful to her for everything!

Male, 30, UK

Thank you Siri for opening a door into a world I didn’t have faith in nor understanding of.

Female, 29, Norway

Siri has given us a great gift with her amazing classes and everytime we speak to her we feel like we are learning something important.

Female, 40, Norway

Siri lives and breathes her passion for her Art. I encourage you all to connect with this fair lady; to experience her powerful energy and start your transformation today.

Male, 48, UK

Working with Siri has a certain kind of magic attached to it. Yes, she is first and foremost an illustrator, but her deeply intuitive approach to her work means that you benefit from something more when you sign up with her.

Female, UK

How Do I Start?

If you are interested in pursuing the Drawing It Out programme further please contact me via WhatsApp or using the form below.

I will be happy to discuss the programme in more detail with you and to see how it can help you.

Contact me today and we can see how the Drawing It Out programme can make a positive change in your life