“Everything in my life has led me to this moment, and my art brings forth all of my past and takes me into my future…”


From the mountains of Norway, Siri started off life as a teacher before becoming a full time artist. Her work has always been inspired by her life, rich with drama, filled with emotion, always changing never still.

She has had many stages of her life filled with lightness and joy, and equally many with darkness and strife. But throughout her days her art has provided a window to her soul, allowing her to understand and develop her true feelings.

Throughout the years Siri has developed her own style of art which is boundless in energy and form. She enjoys using a wide range of colours, patterns and materials.

Siri’s spirituality has inspired her to use many natural forms in her art including animals, mythical creatures, the human form and nature itself. She feels it is in this pristine beauty that the truth of our existence can really be discovered.

Siri’s art is deeply spiritual and covers many topics including empowerment, freedom, beauty and healing. Her style is freeform and energetic, combining dazzling colours with intricate patterns and characters.
Siri believes art speaks directly through the soul. Her drawings and paintings seek to uncover the truth behind our emotions, good and bad. In her work she looks at all kinds of issues including anxiety, depression, self doubt, anger and stress.
Siri teaches how to draw and paint online in a series of videos available to her followers. She also holds private classes and sessions for her students, giving them time and space to explore their own creativity under her supervision.

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