I warmly welcome you into orbit around Planet Siri

I am The Creatrix : artist, polymath, composer, teacher and mother of five star seeds. I came here  to be here for you, to light up your path and show you how  to walk it on your own. I came here to encourage you to be You in first rate version! Wonders will happen as you start shining light on your own purpose through all your colours and energies. Circle around Planet SÏRÏ to find where to land for best wonders to happen to You! I am here for any questions you have, so feel free and safe to ask me anything you wonder!

Do you want me to create art for you?

I take commissions for bespoke illustrations and art works to augment the words and thoughts of authors, coaches, mentors and those who seek to inspire others. I also do live illustrations parallel to your webinars, speeches or videos that expands your words.

Do you want to create art for yourself?

There is an inner artist in you waiting to come out! Let me help you draw out  that person out from behind whatever  thought or feeling holding you back, and transform her from the inside. Drawing It Out is a deeply personal process, where I am walking next to you all the way. The drawing artist inside You was always there!

about SÏRÏ

From the cold and foresty parts of Norway, I started off life as a teacher before becoming a full time artist. My work has always been inspired by my life, rich with drama, filled with emotion, always changing, and  never still.

I have had many stages of my life filled with lightness and joy, and equally many with darkness and strife. But throughout my days my art has provided a window to and for my soul, allowing me to understand and draw out my true feelings.

Throughout the years I have developed my own style of art which is boundless in energy and form. I love using a wide range of colours and techniques.

My spirituality has inspired me to use many natural forms in my art including animals, divinity and mythical creatures, the human form and nature itself. I feel it is in this pristine beauty that the truth of our existence can really be discovered.

My art is deeply spiritual, healing and encouraging, and covers many topics including empowerment, freedom, beauty and healing. My style is free form and energetic, combining dazzling colours with patterns, symbols and characters.

I believe art speaks directly through the soul. It is not what I do but what comes through that matters. My drawings and paintings are here to  uncover the truth behind our emotions. My artworks helps you find out at where anxiety, depression, self doubt, anger and stress comes from, and where you find your answers.

I teach you how to draw and paint it out in a series of courses. The sessions are for you  to explore your own creativity as I walk beside you.

Bethany and the Unicorns

Art for Your Books

Are you an author who would like an eye catching cover?

Could your chapters be illuminated with bespoke illustrations?

Let my art brighten up your words.

Drawing It Out

Drawing it Out with Siri makes you able to stand in your own life as the Big Version of You, the one you always were, the Optimal You. This version was always there, inside you.

Drawing it Out is a series of 1-2-1 or 1-2-many Zoom sessions where you will learn how to draw, illustrate or paint. My programmes are custom-designed around what you want to achieve personally.

Knowing the Unknowable

Draw the Talk

Just imagine if your clients could envision the whole of a live presentation in a single image.

I capture Zooms talks, Microsoft Teams, webinars and other broadcasts live.

You get an image which encapsulates your wisdom and you not only get the completed artwork but also the video of its creation, optionally with the audio recording of your session.


Bespoke Commissions

Do you want to capture your loved one, your loved pets or loved places?

I ‘sirify’ your photographs so you can hang them on your walls to create memories that last forever.

They make fabulous and unique gifts.

what people are saying

Working with Siri on the illustration of my oracle deck “The Wisdom of Change” was a delightful journey of learning and discovery.  Wendy Prior, UK

Siri gives you a great gift with her amazing classes and every time we speak to her I feel like I am learning something important. Female,40, Norway

Siri is my go to illustrator for my books and meditations. Male,65, UK