Art is the key to your Heart

I love art because brings so much love into our world.

I also love how true art comes through us not so much from us.

It allows our Inner Child to come out to play

Give your Serious Adult a day off.

I am an artist, teacher,  composer of ambient music and illustrator of 6 years of daily JFTs. For many  years, I have been sharing my art to heal, encourage and induce change and  inspire. On Planet SIRI, you are the MAIN CHARACTER and here to live your dreams. I am the Creatrix Polymath, the Change Master, and I can help you to draw your own unique energies out   and  guide you towards an easier and  more purposeful life.  Planet Siri is a world where you are the director and I am your guide. You have the choice and your wish is my will. COme let us create a peaceful and energetic first rate version of You!

Do you want to touch your soul and the souls of others?

When we draw, paint, bake, sing, dance , design and every other action we humans do, we are creative! We touch our Soul and touch the Souls of other, and the World, with our Soul. I like to call it play! We all play with what we have been given, and it makes our lives lighter and less stressful. Let me guide you through art into your Soul and let it speak to you. I know it will help you on many levels, as it helped me and keeps on helping! Your Soul is an artist!

What in your world could benefit from some illumination?

When life seems dark, there is a way to illuminate your path through art. Let me guide you to finding your own light so you can shine it onto your path. You may find that some parts of you or your life is more important to you than you imagined. 

What wonders sit in your Mind's Eye?

When you use your third eye, your intuition and your gut feeling as guide from creating art or having art created with the help from your Soul, you can see and feel what wonders you were carrying inside all your life without you knowing it! The light from you and your art will help you to live a lighter and easier life.

End Of Life Art

My art is channelled from Souls, yours or mine, your loved ones and passed Souls you miss.  End Of Life Art is honouring your  loved ones and those in phases where you are saying a fond farewell to your loved ones from  your place in this life. Art is wordless and yet the language is universal and perceptible for you to read with your Soul. Messages from the departing Souls shines through to you from the Artworks.

Illustrations by SÏRÏ

I offer you illustrations of your books , poems, songs, lyrics, album covers, podcasts, card decks. Words have energy that I read with my Soul. I give it back to you in the form of colours and shapes as I tune into your Soul when I create from your Artworks. The energy of You and your Message is encapsulated into the illustrations.

Bespoke pet art

Your pets are your companions, your soulmates and friends, family members and treasures. My drawings and paintnings of them capture their Soul and speak their language forever, and you can have them with you still through your Sirified artwork.

Healing Art

In gallery SÏRÏ you find Healing Art and Comforting Art, Welcoming Art and Funny Art. There is Art at the End Of Life, and Personalised Art. Common for all my Art is the healing embedded in it. The colours speak to your Soul and the message is for you through me. Every piece of Art has its owner.